It’s not what you’ve got; it’s what you do with it!

The Washington Post has a great article on the Digital Divide initiative that the nonprofit organization One Economy is driving in a number of larger metropolitan communities across the country.

The program is bringing affordable, shared, broadband wireless connectivity to residents in Philadelphia and other cities.

Reading the article, it is clear that the folks running One Economy grasp the idea that bandwidth has the power to transform the lives of those with access to it. The higher the speed, the greater the potential to drive change.

Rey Ramsey is the CEO of One Economy. This is what he says about what he believes the impact of this affordable bandwidth will be on those getting access to it:

“Broadband brings advantages in addition to all the new entertainment applications, Ramsey argues. His long-term vision is to use the Internet to revolutionize a social and educational services, such as homework assistance and helping find jobs, insurance and health care, much of which would require faster connections for video and interactivity.”

Note, too, that Ramsey and One Economy recognize that they are creating a demand for still-higher speed connectivity with every connection they make today.

1 thought on “It’s not what you’ve got; it’s what you do with it!”

  1. Part of what is grand about bandwidth is that you live in a richer world because of it. My wife was recently given a “root beer” plant that we find on the net is the same as “herbe Saint” which is used in old New Orleans dishes and Yerba Santa in Mexico where it is used to wrap fish–a dish we had last year on vacation.

    Or the other day we heard a conservative talk show host call Barrack Obama (sp?) a rock star. So we watched the speech on the internet. Great speaker.

    Without easy, fast net access we wouldn’t have found out about either thing.