TriCity update: Broadband ads to be nicer in ’04

Against the background of a truly nasty ’03 campaign the TriCities is prepping for another vote vote on fiber. The Daily Herald (a Chicago suburban paper) carries an article focusing on the new advertising campaign that is being waged in the Tricities. It doesn’t take much reading between the lines to see that the advocates are badly outgunned by enourmous corporations that they face.

Readers will recall Annie Collins from our interview a while back:

“Annie Collins, organizer of Fiber For Our Future, said the group will be waging a campaign with its Web site, fliers and about 1,000 yard signs. The entire effort will be funded by less than $3,000 in donations from around the country.”

Tri-Cities Broadband, the FFOF website, has links to the two latest pieces of telecom misinformation. Frankly, they aren’t “nice” regardless of the newspaper headline. They both trade on raw fear—fear which is totally ungrounded and which the incumbents know is dishonest. These guys just don’t want the competition. You really should go take a gander. And then write a little note of congratulations to our stalwart council that they didn’t put us in a position to have to deal with this sort of gradu.

We’d like to renew the call for contributions that we made earlier. Please consider contributing to Fiber For Our Future; the most convient way is to jump to TriCity Broadband website and use their PayPal button. Thanks! Every buck counts.