The Advocate Follows Up on Fiber News

The Advocate’s Kevin Blanchard does two follow-up stories on Tuesday’s release of LUS’ the fiber optic network feasibility study. On the front page of the Acadiana section is “LUS feasibility study shows planned course.” On the financial end the story does a quick summary of the plan’s take rates, break-even dates, cost categories, and revenue sources. The print version has nice graphic of the projected movement to a positive cash flow by 2011.

More interesting to readers, i suspect, will be the political aspects, with Durel again showing strong support for the idea saying that “There’s been overwhelming support for what LUS is doing.” and the administration plans to “proceed as fast as we can.” On the incumbent side of the equasion Durel dismisses expected opposition:

… anything those companies say now will likely be “smoke and mirrors,” … “After all these months, none of them came forward with a plan, a vision for the future,” Durel said.

The inside story, “LUS plan changes look of telecommunications,” [not online] (with an informative sidebar on the services that LUS will be offering) takes note of the changing landscape of telecommunications in Lafayette, noting Cox’s upcoming triple play and BellSouth’s changed regulatory status in regard to its established fiber to the curb strategy. The truth of the matter is that both of these strategies have been in the works for a long time and that the difference that LUS’ plan might make is chiefly in regard to moving Lafayette to the head of the line for these developments rather than leaving it to its “normal” place way down queue. (On the likelihood of that, more later.)

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