Tri-Cities Update

As the presidential election enters its final moments let’s spare a thought for the Tri-Cities referenda which are also on the ballot in the November 2nd election.

Emails from Annie at Fiber for Our Future make it clear that the incumbent’s campaign of disinformation continues with additional mass mailings and misleading advertising buys.

That doesn’t mean that the good guys can’t respond. Annie Collins hits back with a fine op-ed piece in local paper. Last minute coverage can be found here on the net: Broadband debate rages in Geneva and at If broadband passes, it’s only the first step.

The conflict continues to garner national coverage with the latest remarks appearing at Attack of the conservative “think” tanks on muni broadband” recalls Lafayette’s own experience with out-of-town paid guns and it is too bad that the Tri-Cities have had to put up with same sorts of psuedo-academic analyses that we saw here. The article closes by citing a chunk of Lafayette Pro Fiber’s recent interview with Jim Baller. It’s good to see our resources put to use; that was always the hope.

For the activists at Fiber for Our Future and the citizens of the Tri-Cities we promise we’ll say a little prayer, burn a little incensene, and even light one of our St. John The Conquerer candles tomorrow in support of the people of the Tri-Cities. May the force be with you.

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