Durel, Fiber, & the Sewers of New Orleans

Today’s Advertiser has a story, “Durel pushes fiber optic plan” It covers Durel’s appearance last night at the Fontana Center last night and serves to underline Durel’s support for the fiber initiative. Here’s a nice pull quote on the risk of the venture:

We would do a section at a time, and if not enough people buy in, we would stop, he said. So, within about $5 million (investment), we would probably know if well be successful. I consider this an extremely low-risk venture.

Fiber was not the only on topic on the agenda. An interesting little bit of news is probably not really connected to our fiber dreams but you never know…

He said he is holding bi-monthly meetings with other elected officials throughout Acadiana and hoped that both Lafayette and New Orleans would benefit from recent meetings he had with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.

The mayor of Broussard has made it clear that he would like intercity cooperation to extend beyond the water supply issues that animated his honor earlier in the year. He’d like a slice of the telecom pie as well. As for Nagin…that continuing relationship has just got me curious. I can’t help but think about that “fiber optics in the sewers” project down there. It’d be great if Louisiana could go the way of Utah and now Iowa—with Lafayette rather than Baton Rouge or New Orleans at the center of the web.

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