Sins of the Father: Why voters are (not) rejecting municipal broadband

The Sunday Advertiser has an obnoxious “guest editorial” from a man named Titch who represents himself as an expert from the Heartland Institute. While that is one of his affiliations (and more on that later) the affiliation that is most likely in play here is his business: Expert Editorial Inc. a self-admittedly research-for-hire organization.

Here is all you should need to know from that organization’s front page:

Expert Editorial adds a critical “third-party” viewpoint for media and customer marketing campaigns. We can provide your target audience with the context, background and significance of your technology from an analytical perspective that supports, yet remains detached from your own marketing and sales personnel.

Want a little translation from a recovering academic? Here you go: Hey corporations, look over here! We are willing to pretend to be a disinterested third party “research” provider who can say anything you want us to say without involving the good name of your company. And especially without involving your own marketing and sales people in an effort that might well be discredited. And all you have to do is pay us. Deal?

That’s what is being said. My question is, and yours, (and the Advertiser’s for that matter) is who is doing the paying this time?

I’ve got family obligations right now, but more later, I promise. This far too rich to let go of so easily. You’ll also want to know what else the Heartland Institute supports, for instance. Nothing with much heart, I assure you.