Note to Readers: Sins Series Launches

Hah! Bet that title drew some attention. 😉

Seriously though: I’m trying something a little different in the blog based on last Sunday’s Advertorial in the Advertiser. I’ve long had it in mind to do a full-fledged “Fact Check” or “Disinformation” piece for the website on disinformation and how it works in particular instances but time, life, and the blog have tended to keep my attention focused elsewhere. The “editorial” published by the Advertiser so nicely lays out a wide range of disinformation tactics that it reminded me of that project. Taking it apart in detail will just about amount to a case study on the topic. If I had the time. So what I’m planning to do is let the blog work for getting the larger piece done instead of against it. I’ll post a shorter series of blog entries on the topic of the “sins” the article committs. (Sins of the fathers, of commission, of ommission) I’ll then take those pieces and rework them into the larger, better integrated piece with a more stable presence on the website.

As an added bit of laigniappe, this “draft” style will allow folks to correct me or let me know of ways to extend my points.

(Before I start I should acknowledge the help of the Collins’ who, as vetrans of the Tri-Cities fight mentioned in the advertorial have run into the fellows from the Heartland institute before and have been generous with their link lists.)