Sinner Reappears in Broadband “Debate”

There is a little debate online directed at the municipal broadband issue, if you can call 4 or 5 exchanges a debate. It takes the recent Philly debacle as a point of departure but really doesn’t go very far.

I mention it here because the text references Lafayette, our friends in the Tri-Cities and because one of the participants is Titch, the same fellow who got his advertorial published in the Lafayette Daily Advertiser. I had let my “sin” series languish in the press of the holiday season but this convinces me that I really should readmitt a little grumpiness into my and my readers lives.

Another fun thing is that the web site that hosts the interview, Digital Democracy, has a the full range of possible media available for the viewer/reader/listener who prefers one mode to another.

Web page

Print and read page

Streaming Video Small & Large (Full show)

Listen to MP3 (Full Show)

Buy a video CD

MY, My. That’s a lotta media, its good to see somebody attuned to all the possibilities. Now if only they’d use a creative commons licensing scheme it’d be just about perfect.

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