The Heartland Institute Attempts a Defense

The Heartland Institute, the same “institute” that the advertorial writer Titch tried to draw credibility from, attempts a defense of recent criticism in the odd venue of the Fiber for the Future message boards. Bast, the director, takes on Annie Collins and me by name and tries to mount a defense of his organization and of Titch.

An Illinois tech writer takes him on in response in Carlini’s Comments” an online column. There you can see Bast’s original letter and Calini’s response. Bast is responding, in part, to my posts concerning the Heartland Institute and Titch’s editorials-for-pay company.

My own response to Bast’s letter can be summarized by saying that almost the whole of Bast’s defense misses the point. The first objection to this work is that these folks are bought and paid for…and that is what leads to the distorted reasoning and cherry picking of only the most confirmatory “facts” that are symptoms of this basic issue. Bast’s defense never gets to this crucial point.

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