Humor: Breakfield as a Ferengi

Lafayette’s travails in the fight for fiber are regularly noted around the country on forums devoted to broadband or public telecommunicatons projects. One of the largest and most influential broadband forums, Broadband Reports, has been a consistent reporter. They pick up on KATC’s he said, she said reports in their brief recounting at Louisiana Fiber Debate – City faces considerable resistance.

What’s most interesting to our readers is not the KATC links but the copious comments on the issue that inevitably follow. Natives of Lafayette will alternately be annoyed and amused but it will surely invigorate your day to take a look at how other people view our conflict. I highly recommend a visit. (And would love to hear what your reactions are here.)

But the responses seldom rise to the level of broad humor that techy DJ type from New York took it in his comments. He was irritated by Neal Breakfields remarks that fiber in the diet is all one needs and kicked it up a notch by producing both a visual and aural “mash” of Breakfield. It’s a hoot. Take a look, (scroll down, you can’t miss it) and take a listen.

While that’s a hoot the poster immediately below, pcsdma, presents a more serious accusation: evidence that Breakfield once ran a spam faxing operation out of Lafayette. Look at the links and make your own judgment.

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