Huval Person of the Year—Mea Culpa

Hey, what can I say…I blew it. I picked up this week’s Independent and realized that with the Christmas rush and all I’d never gotten around to writing up a nice entry on the Independent’s cover story that, correctly I think, named Terry Huval “person” of the year.

I’d wanted to do something thoughtful—you know, reflective, intelligent and mature. (Tounge planted firmly in cheek.) But I put if off and it didn’t happen. And now that week’s Independent is off the stand. And you can’t easily get the story online because the Independent’s web presence has been reduced to a joke. (I’m not being mean; I’m being literal.) Mea Culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

Tell you what….if I can’t find a pdf of the story somewhere online I’ll do penance by working it up myself. Either way look for a copy here. The story really is excellent and if you look on the bottom of the pile in your local dive or convience store you might find an old copy. Pure Louisiana; it’s a local color, high tech mashup. This is the sort of story I show friends in Illinois or Delaware when I am trying to explain how something that would be an confusing contradiction somewhere else is treated as “colorful” and natural in Lousisiana.

Scare up a copy or come back by.