Eye on The Prize: Digital Divide Call for Participation

Eye on the Prize folks, with today’s distractions I don’t want to lose track of what is really important and digital divide issues are perhaps the most important of the outstanding fiber issues for Lafayette’s future.

Almost a week ago I foolishly followed the Advertiser in burying a call to participate in a digital divide committee in a story about the anti-fiber petition.

Here is the relevant text disinterred from that story:

Meanwhile, LUS is proceeding with the fiber plan. A committee of residents is being formed to address the digital divide, the gap that separates residents familiar with computers and the Internet and those who are not, Huval said.

Walter Guillory, Lafayette Housing Authority executive director, will head the committee. After Jan. 1, Huval said interested people will meet to discuss how to address four aspects of the digital divide: Explaining what the Internet can do for those unfamiliar with it, training on use of the Internet, offering the Internet at a reasonable price, and offering computers or other equipment to access the Internet.

The committee will help develop a plan to be presented to the council when LUS officials ask the council to issue bonds for the fiber network, Huval said.

Anyone interested in serving on the digital divide committee should call Abigail Ransonet at LUS, 291-8947.

I know that lots of folks have expressed an interest in participating in these decisions. Certainly many that appeared at the council in support of fiber were in part motivated by the possibilities for addressing the digital divide that the project provides. (This is one of those things a private entity would never bother to address; it’s only when we are doing things for ourselves that it’s a possible issue.)

I urge interested readers to call and offer their services. There is little more important that you could do with your time.