¡Petition Derailed!

I’ll tell you what I know, which isn’t much. You might get more detail over at Doug’s.

Apparently the Fiber411 guys have decided that what folks have been telling them all along is true: the petition method they are attempting isn’t valid. Details from my informants are confused and not particularly consistent.

Here’s what appears to be going on: Fiber411 called a press conference to announce: OOoops wrong ordinance. And also to ask supporters to call the council. The consolodated government called a conference to say. Yep-those guys messed up. And to say that the Home Rule Charter Rules.

More as I get reliable info. Hey folks, some of you reading this know more than I do. Use the comments!

15 thoughts on “¡Petition Derailed!”

  1. How did you do the upside down “!” ?

    Just emailed this too you and posted on my site.

    From what I am hearing, Fiber411 said the state statutes city parish government is citing sets up deadlines for filing a petition and that they’re too late. This is the statute which was set in place during the last legislative session last year. I’m learning that much of the statute was based off of Lafayette’s Home Rule charter.

    Fiber411 would have to get OK from the council by Jan. 24 o circulate the petition but they can’t get on the agenda to do so. The Jan. 24 date is 30 days after LCG/LUS published a legal notice about the bonds. Fiber411 is going to continue collecting signatures this weekend.

  2. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

    I suspect this is a little garbled. As I read the law the Home Rule charter is defered to by the “(un)fair competition” law.(Except for some stuff about hearings & such –hmmnn.) The Charter sets up a rigid sequence of events with begin dates and end dates. There is also a narrow way for the petition itself to be structured.It has to contain the ordinance that the referndum would approve. No more hiding behind just calling for a vote. They would have to say what they actually want.

    Apparently what is being said is that they’ve missed the deadlines set up in either the Home Rule Charter or the procedural modifications set up by the recent state law.

    I’ll go back to my copy of the documents and see what I can make of it.

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