Over at Doug’s

It’s worth a trip by Doug’s place, LUS Fiber To The Home (FTTH), if you haven’t dropped by today. He’s reproduced a commentary piece from the Wall Street Journal (a subscription site so you’ll need to travel to Doug to get it) that says plainly what every thinking person should know about the Bell companies’ unfair pricing. The author is mad at the Feds, as well he might be, but the root cause is the Bell network’s monopoly status, not the subsequent inept regulation. What does the author offer as a solution? You guessed it: “Fiber is being strung away from the telecos.” (He appears to look to a mesh network which would be fueled by that independent fiber. That might work if we didn’t also want to be free of our cable TV masters as well as our Teleco ones. FTTH!) Go over there. Read it. And then think about what the possible pricing for services might be here in Lafayette if we got really high take rates. Remember, LUS will have no reason to charge its owners monopoly profits.

While over there you can get another opinion piece not available online: Doug’s own. It was published in the Advertiser Wednesday and the Advertiser doesn’t seem to put such docs up in a timely manner–if ever. He notes that it was written before the lawsuit and prior to the petition being turned in. That’s reassuring. Go take a look and make your own judgment. I guess I’m in no mood to be conciliatory.