KLFY sez: “Fiber 411 Petition Fails”

From a story at KLFY:

“Of the 2,791 names listed on the petition, only 1805 were confirmed as valid.

Registrar Charlene Meaux-Menard tells TV 10 whether petitioners were trying to get 15% of the parish’s registered voters or 5% of those who voted in the last election, there simply weren’t enough valid names turned in.

In light of the registrar’s ruling, petition organizers say they are unsure about their next move.”

This has been a comedy of errors from the very beginning.

2 thoughts on “KLFY sez: “Fiber 411 Petition Fails””

  1. Can’t get five percent?

    Do I hear three and a quarter?

    Three and a quarter, going once!

    Three and a quarter, going twice!

    Three and a quarter, going —

    Sorry! No Sale!