“LUS officials rap BellSouth comments”

This story reports on the LUS/City-Parish protest that Oliver was trying to level a threat with his remarks made to the Advocate’s editorial board. The substance is pretty much a reprise of the Oliver story with additional remarks by Durel, Oliver, and Huval.

Its a good, clear review. If you haven’t already, take a look.

8 thoughts on ““LUS officials rap BellSouth comments””

  1. Why has it not been posted that the Advocate acjnowledged that the word “threat” should not have been used in the headline of the original article? Why no mention of the fact that BS is a minority partner and does not speak for Cingular? I think it’s because y’all are enjoying this opportunity to divert attention from the real issues.

  2. I love it everytime Bill Oliver sticks his foot in his mouth. He knew what he meant when he made the comments that he made. BellSouth rules the state with this tactic. Mr. Oliver must have been squirming when he found out that the advocate was running his comments. I only regreat that they didn’t have a recording of the actual conversation.

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