“Council faces LUS decision”

The Advocate previews the upcoming City-Parish Council meeting. It’s the first meeting since the lawsuit defeat and the city will have to deal with how to respond. The path forward will depend on whether or not they decide to appeal.

My own preference is to stay the course. There is entirely too much acting out of fears and maybes in this town. That is the root of the disease that led to Durel’s issuing his call to arms. It is also the root of the reason the Advertiser, after being notified of a corruptable poll posted by their online editor on the same day the paper published another of his diatribes against fiber and on the day before this council meeting, decided that the publicity hit from pulling it would be too high. It’s embarrassing. That’s not the way decisions that are good for the community are made. If one of your staff has made a decision you freely admit was bad, you should bite the bullet, admit it and deal with. Or make yourself complicit.