The Chamber endorsement in the media

Both the Advocate and the Advertiser run stories this morning on the Chamber’s endorsement that share roughly the same structure: note the endorsement, note that it is unanimous, report the pleasure of LUS and the City, and allow the opponents to respond.

As you have probably come to expect, the Advocate’s reporting, Lafayette Chamber backs LUS fiber plan, has the edge. It gives you a bit more appropriate context and probes into a few more corners.

The Advertiser’s story, Chamber endorses fiber plan, will sound familiar if read after the Advocate’s, but the folks quoted and the elements emphasized are different enough to be informative. In particular the Advertiser reports Cox’s hurt feelings with some special vividness.

If you are becoming a connoisseur of such things, this is an opportunity to preview the spin and misinformation that will be in the first wave of incumbent advertising. While Fiber411 tries to spin the chamber endorsement as some sort of plus for their position the real guns, BellSouth and Cox don’t bother with such silliness and trot out a vague sense of fear, claiming that LUS will not be able to offer the savings that it says it will. Considering that studies have shown that prices do fall in the 20-30 per cent range any time real competition is introduced, LUS’ projections hardly seem out of line. But that BellSouth is choosing to try to induce doubt about this is revealing of what really scares them and what they believe will appeal to voters if they believe it: Cheaper Prices. (My own guess is that the vision of our determining our own future will be the most potent argument –and, actually, BellSouth may realize this, and realize as well that they cannot credibly mount a counter-argument. They would be better served if the argument was about money. But it is not.)