“Text of Durel’s letter on Fiber for the Future referendum”

The Advertiser carries the text of Durel’s call for a referendum.

“Having been unsuccessful in stopping our project in the legislature, the out-of-state telecom companies know by experience that the only way to defeat our Fiber for the Future plan is at the ballot box. The referendum will be placed on the ballot of the upcoming July 16th election. There will be much said about this in the coming weeks. The telecom companies will spend unlimited dollars in advertising to try to convince you to vote against this project. They will attempt to confuse you with misstatements, scare tactics and outright false information about the project. I urge you to be cautious and study the issues carefully.

And I urge you to get actively involved. Take a stand. If you support Fiber for the Future then let it be known. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Join our advocacy group by emailing fiber@lus.org or calling 291-8926 and signing up as a volunteer. Become passionate in your support of this plan for Lafayette to become a shining light of community empowerment.”

Get going!