Standing up! Dud Lastrapes on fiber

A former mayor joins the chorus of support for fiber:

I write in support of Lafayette’s fiber optics project. Admittedly, it is a bold step, but it is a giant step forward in the effort to stimulate greater economic development for Lafayette…

It should be noted that we have historically and legally implemented bond issues through our duly elected representatives. There is, and has been, ample public airing and debate on the issue. It would not make sense to have a public vote on every bond issue that comes up. The erroneous judicial decision should be challenged.

I hope that if the election is mandated the people of Lafayette will see the need for fiber-to-the-home (and business) and realize that LUS is in a very strong position to provide the appropriate investment.

This is a much needed and sound venture for Lafayette.

Dud Lastrapes was mayor from ’80 to ’92. His letter walks through the logic of the issue—LUS has been a valuable asset, a fiber-optic network is a necessary element in our development, the incumbents won’t do it, LUS can and should—very cleanly.

A very similar letter appears in today’s Advertiser. Oddly, it does not appear online. When that is corrected I will post a link here.