Standing Up! Izzo scores points

Danny Izzo makes the straightforward points that demonstrate that he at some time had a good civics teacher (in school or out):

Nearly everyone agrees we are better served having LUS in our community and there is a long history of local governments doing certain types of infrastructure business in the interest of the people. That is exactly what LUS is doing now.

We voted in precisely the way our founding fathers meant our representative democratic republic to work. We are not a “democracy.” We elect representatives to handle our governmental business. Let them do their jobs! If we don’t like the job they do, we can “UN-elect” them next time around or, if we believe they really screwed up, we can always start a recall.

Providing utilities is basic good government and our representatives are supposed to represent us…not kick it back to us every time the going gets rough. It’s good to see that people still recall these basic principles.

Update: Trolling back through my archives I see that the Independent published substantially the same letter on 3/2. Get yours from your local newspaper of choice.

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