Municipal high-speed internet explained

Here’s a nifty resource that explains the concepts behind broadband and the city-owned telecom utilities in a careful and pretty readable way. The site is devoted to encouraging localism and local self-determination, so the point of view they take pretty much dictates that they are for local communities being able to decide for themselves whether or not to provide telecom services. The immediate question “Dr. Dave” responds to is whether or not states ought take away their cities’ rights to provide these services. Not surprisingly, Dave indicates that the answer is no.

What is considerably more surprising is the careful and conversational way he walks through the topic and the density of documentation he provides. Take a look–I think you’ll enjoy it. And it’s the sort of thing you might want to show neighbors or cousins to help them get up to speed on the issue. It’s a nicely organized essay that tries to anticipate questions a reader new to the topic might ask.

Implicit questions on the concepts behind broadband as a national issue that he tries to answer include:

Do we need it?
What exactly is this thing called broadband? And why is speed an issue?
What’s the delay in getting it?
Are you getting all you need?

On municipal broadband:

Should cities be involved?
What is the benefit of cities building telecom utilities?
So what’s stopping them? (Louisiana’s Act 793 gets a mention about here.)

Good questions all. “Dr. Dave” gives thoughtful answers.

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