List of state barriers

Here’s one for your bookmarks list. Never know when you might need to check and see if you are in it.

It’s a regularly updated list of laws currently under consideration across these United States that would restrict the entry of municipalities into telecommunications enterprises. Each listing includes a brief description of how the law would restrict cities and towns. The length alone should be instructive if you’ve any doubt that the telecom companies are waging a systematic campaign across the nation to eliminate an entire sector of competition. It’s dry reading but if you can stand it you’ll discover substantially similar laws in several states. It’s a testament to the ingenuity of lawyers and the malign power of marrying ideology to financial self-interest.

It’s one of those horror-story like things. It’s not interesting reading. You know what is coming next. It’s gonna be awful. Still, you steel yourself to read just a little more. And are generally sorry you did.

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