ProFiber meet-up last night

There was a meetup of pro fiber partisans last night and good things happened–some of them largely unplanned.

The meeting was designed to put folks from a wide range of Lafayette communities, networks, and organizations in touch with each other and it succeeded in that goal. We talked with folks from the northside and the southside, techies and folks without email, moms, citizens, businessmen, creatives, party officials, campaign managers, and advertising gurus. The focus was on building, from the very beginning, a citizens’ group that could wage a grassroots ground campaign that would reach into all areas of the community.

One benefit of such a gathering is that it puts folks together that need to meet. The chair of the Lafayette Republicans and members of the Democratic executive committee attended, as did folks from a forming PAC and people active in the campaign to come. The Democrats, the Republicans, and the money guys got a chance to get themselves in synch about funneling contributions to useful places. There was also some needed coordination agreed to between the political parties and PAC guys, particularly concerning the contribution of the two parties to the crucial last days of campaigning. All very good things.

But the PAC/s and media buys are what might be called “the air war.” The local citizens’ group envisioned by those at the meeting are the ground campaign. Elections, especially ones that are centered on ideas, are won by word of mouth—by family, friends, and neighbors talking to each other. And that is where this citizen’s group will focus its efforts. Our advantage will be that we can be light and lithe…reaching out into each community or professional group and communicating with them on their own terms. Low-cost viral campaigning will be the forte–everything from house parties to song-writing contests to 30-second downloadable “ads” are fair game. But the solid core will be talking to our neighbors, having good information to share, and developing effective means to deliver the message.

For an effort like this to be effective we’ll need to be everywhere. The first job is to bring more people—and their networks—into the group. Folks like you. Join in! To do so, drop us a line at or get in touch with the folks at Fibre911.

3 thoughts on “ProFiber meet-up last night”

  1. I heard through the grapevine that the chamber unanimously endorsed LUS this evening at their board meeting. Have you heard anything?