Lafayette Coming Together meeting

Lafayette Coming Together, the local citizens’ group, met again last night. The group is growing and garnering good public and institutional support. All the usual—and diverse—suspects attended, including reps of Lafayette Yes! and the local Democratic and Republican parties. Joey Durel made a welcome surprise appearance and offered congratulations and support.

While coordination issues were important topics again, the group started to buckle down to the real work of organizing: building membership and breaking down the tasks of getting together materials and building committees. As you might expect, it was easy to imagine more work than hands available. From three pages of ideas, loose groups working in areas such as Networking, Visibility, Houseparties, Talking Points, and a Letter Writing Guild formed up. There is a real need for folks to fill the holes. If you can, I urge you to join up; it’s a good group of folks doing a real service to the community while having some of the fun for which Lafayette and Acadiana are famous. (Want an excuse to go to Downtown Alive or the festivals? Visibility. Like Parties? Houseparty!)

If you are interested in helping out write us at and we’ll hook you up.