State of the fiber-optic conversation

Kevin Blanchard pens one of his occasional “opinion” pieces today and focuses on the state of the conversation. Kevin’s pieces in the opinion space are less opinion and more views from a few steps back. They are always interesting and, I think, insightful. (I wish more reporters—who I know have a lot more background than they can share in a single story—would try to find a forum like this for pulling the larger story together. )

In this review Blanchard takes a look at the state of the conversation–between people at lunch, online, and in the major media–and suggests how the conversation might be shaping up for the referendum campaign. He hits the nail on the head with the following remarks:

Unlike elections in which people are asked to vote on candidates, this July election will be mostly about ideas — the potential benefits of a fiber-optic telecommunications system for economic development, the proper role of government and the strengths and weaknesses of the LUS plan to deliver service and repay the $125 million it must borrow.

He’s right: the campaign will be about ideas, about a vision for Lafayette’s future… and if the opposition has its way about fears.

It’s a good read; go take a look at the whole thing. News – Fiber-optic plan generates lots of conversation 04/05/05

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