New artwork posted: T-shirts

Our ArtWorks! section has an new batch of pro-fiber artwork. This time it’s T-shirt art. It is accompanied by a simple explanation of how to make your own T-shirts using the materials. These are a little funny and a little thought-provoking. Take a look and feel free to use them to support the cause.

Some background: Layne St. Julien designed and made a set of pro-fiber T-shirts for our family to wear at events like DownTown Alive! Three generations in similar pro-fiber shirts was quite a sight and we got lots of smiles. The political sorts call this “visibility work.” I call it “flying the flag.” It’s part of volunteer work we’re doing for “Lafayette Coming Together,” a group of citizens organized to do grass-roots neighbor-to-neighbor, friend-to-friend politicking for the LUS fiber project. (Interested in doing your part? We always need members! Write

Putting this together was a pretty spontaneous and fun thing on our part. If you’ve got some pro-fiber artwork, music, or silly dogerel poetry—whatever — just drop us a line and we’ll add it to the list.