Tech South

There’s a barely digested story about the upcoming Tech South conference in the Advertiser. It’s pretty much a roster of the tech celebrities that will be in attendance and a schedule. The roll call of tech companies is heavy on graphics and video graphics types with SGI, Industrial Light and Magic (Star Wars and beyond) represented. Hmmn. Between a new video gaming curriculum and (potential) fiber network to every home reducing entry costs Lafayette would be a great place for animation, gaming, and video startups. Maybe some of the big guys are thinking ahead. Sun Microsystems (remember micro computers?) with its strong business slant will also be presenting.

But all that is just the headliners; visit the site for a listing of the seminar tracks and individual seminars. Some seminar track titles as a teaser: Broadband & Digital Divide, Digital Tools & Creative Arts Track, Mobility Track.

The Fiber To The Home Council will be meeting concurrently with Tech South and will provide some of the firepower in seminars focusing on fiber and the use of real broadband.

If you’re a tech head of any variety its well worth checking out…and if you don’t want to attend the rubber chicken lectures you can wander around and attend all the seminars for free as long as you preregister. Can’t beat that price.

1 thought on “Tech South”

  1. I’ll be presenting on ColdFusion. Hope to see you there.

    -Raymond Camden,