Digital divide addressed

Local media (Advocate, Advertiser, KLFY) covered yesterday’s press conference on the first fiber brought to a housing project in Lafayette. LUS has partnered with the Lafayette Housing Authority under Walter Guillory to make fiber optics available in the city’s housing projects. The first location, the lighting up of the Simcoe street housing project, was celebrated yesterday.

The effort to bridge the digital divide that is being pursued here is near and dear to my heart. Much of my support for LUS comes from the conviction that only lower prices and universal service—neither of which it is reasonable to expect from the incumbents—will begin to ensure that access to the internet will be equally available and affordable to everyone in Lafayette.

The Advocate story also hints at a bigger project, saying that the housing authority’s tutorial project was could serve as a template for a larger education program that would certify qualified –meaning low-income– learners to receive donated computers.

All very interesting and very encouraging. Look for more on this front.