“Goal of bill is to delay LUS telecom plan” + action items

A breath of fresh air…in a world where people in positions of the least authority tend to mince words and speak with an exaggerated sense of caution it is comforting to see that the Advertiser, at least, is able to call a spade a spade (and avoid clumsy circumlocutions like “non-articulating traditional trenching tool”).

The subject of my pleasure is the Advertiser’s lead Sunday editorial: Goal of bill is to delay LUS telecom plan.” Now isn’t that a plain way to speak? Cut right through the convoluted provisions which are, in fact, only intended to provide a smokescreen and a little material for incumbent fear-based advertising and get to the point: what the bill is meant to do. Report on the fire. Not the smoke. Commendably plain.

More plain speaking:

Broome, acting at the behest of telecommunications providers, is seeking to further delay progress on the issue. She claims the bill is not aimed at Lafayette, but her claim rings hollow in light of the fact that Lafayette is the only community in Louisiana considering government entry into the telecom field…

How’s that for clarity: if it only applies to one city then it must be aimed at that city. I am beginning to feel a little sympathy for New Orleans in view of the state’s traditional inclination to manage local affairs there.

What it comes down to is the fact that the private sector doesn’t want to provide fiber to the home, and will use every means possible to keep government from doing so. Broome declines to say whether a particular cable company influenced her decision to push her bills. It’s one of those cases in which silence speaks volumes.

Wow. “Every means possible.” No quarter. Well there is the tiniest bit of mealy mouth there. We are avoiding saying “Cox.” But who doesn’t know that?

Broome’s bill may be only the first to promote the special interests of private sector telecom providers. In some states, private providers have convinced legislatures to totally ban government entry into the telecom field.

With so many of Louisiana legislators willing to jump through hoops for well-heeled special interest groups, it is not unlikely that such an effort will be made in the next session. Our delegation must be on guard.

My, my, no presumption of innocence on behalf of our lege? A direct recognition that such legislation is on behalf of special interests? How non politically correct.

Lafayette can make its own decisions on this matter, and will on July 16.

Now there is plain speech indeed.

The Broome bill is a transparent concession to special interests, clearly designed to delay a decision on the LUS plan. It constitutes legislative meddling in Lafayette’s affairs. We hope a majority of legislators recognize all this, and vote to kill the bill.

The term I’ve used is “publicly execute.” The Broome bill needs to be put down with such extreme prejudice that it makes it clear to all legislators that using the state to mess with local government’s rights to serve local citizens is political poison.

If you’d like to contribute to the firestorm I suggest you use either Fibre 911’s legislative resources or the resources provided in today’s Advertiser to communicate with Broome and your legislators. Lafayette Coming Together is planning a day at the capitol on the issue if it doesn’t go away first. Wanna come along for the ride? Write.

The people can speak plainly too.