“AHBA backs ‘yes’ vote for July election to fund LUS to build fiber-optics network”

The Advocate carried the story of the Acadiana Home Builders Association (AHBA) endorsement of LUS’ fiber to the home project yesterday. This endorsement, by yet another conservative-leaning (like the local Republicans) and business-centric (like the Chamber of Commerce) solidifies the across the board support of the fiber-optic project. Their rationale is straightforward and makes a lot of sense:

Such a network would have the potential to attract new businesses and jobs — which will help keep up demand for new housing, Keller said.

In addition, home builders are interested in the prospect of pre-wiring homes into the fiber-optics network to attract customers, Keller said.

Increasingly, buyers are looking for homes equipped with the latest technology that will allow them to have a home office or run a home-based business, Keller said.

It is just such small, entrepreneurial business run out the home that may well prove the most valuable economic driver of the project.

We reported on the press release and announcement in the post “Standing Up—Acadian Home Builders Association.”