Fear: It really is that simple

We’ve another fearful anti-fiber letter in the newspaper today. I was concerned a few days ago when I suggested that what really seemed to motivate the antifiber crowd was fear of the future and distrust rather than simple principle, saying: “But letters like this one, which don’t have much left if you take out the fear of the future.” This letter is even more straightforwardly about fear of the future and change than the last.

Abe says:

The idea…scares me.

Where is the need to change…?

The basic idea is that there is no need for change, that the way things are now is good enough.

It isn’t that things aren’t “good enough” now; it is that some of us see the way forward to something much better. And we want that for Lafayette.

1 thought on “Fear: It really is that simple”

  1. What a sad attitude to have. It sure seems like there are alot of citizens in Lafayette with no ambition to better their very own community.