Fiber 411 to vampire the town hall meeting

The Fiber411 boys have decided to leach a little publicity off the Town Hall Meeting that will occur tomorrow evening. An announcement went up at their website today piously urging their supporters to attend.

The joke here is that the town hall meetings have been beneath their notice until this one. Two of them came to one meeting but left early, later dismissing it as “Kumbaya.” All that positive energy must sicken them in the way that light sickens the vampires of story.

Why change their policy? Oh, a little thing called “positive national publicity.” They are against that sort of stuff for Lafayette in the same way that they are against fiber. They want to make sure that nobody gets the impression, as they would have if they attended every other town hall meeting, that the public is mostly interested in how it will be done and not at all interested in pursuing the fiber411/Cox/BellSouth rational de jour for opposing Lafayette’s fiber optic build. The sight of citizens who are positively engaged in their community, who are actually FOR something, and who trust their neighbors is offensive to this clan. If it’s local coverage only, well they can stay away, but if it’s national they say: “Hey look at u! We, some corporations, and some folks from out of town are against it! Look at us. Hey, over here! Come see!”

Lafayette is full of positive people who know the value of a good thing when they see one. They need to turn out in force, ask questions that reflect the real interests of the people of Lafayette, and make sure that the national attention we are gathering emphasizes what is positive about our city.

Please mark your calendars.

Clifton Chenier Center Auditorium
220 West Willow Street, Building C
6:00 pm, Wednesday, June 29th

6 thoughts on “Fiber 411 to vampire the town hall meeting”

  1. What is Neal up to these days? Last I heard he was a UL engineering grad.
    Bright guy from what I remember when I played rugby with him. Is he working for Cox/BS? Are his in-laws working for Cox/BS? Does he have some gain from stopping FTTH?

    As much argument as he makes that LUS’s biz plan, etc are weak, I have yet to see anything factually powerful to support his stance.

    Do you think that satellite or wireless can catch up to the realiability/speed/usefulness/cost-effectiveness of fiber anytime soon?

  2. Anon,

    I try and encourage folks to leave their names here…Anonymity makes it too easy to take unfair potshots and pass outright lies, sometimes disguised as innocent questions.

    I believe Neal is working in tech support for Halliburton. I am sure you could pretty easily track him down with your questions. I don’t know of any reason to think he has something personally financial at stake.

    Re:Wireless: Short Answer: No.

    Slightly longer answer: The question as phrased suggests that these might be competing technologies. I don’t believe they are. The real dreams of the wireless crowd can only be realized if the bandwidth of fiber is used to fund a set of nodes dense enough that “shared” access doesn’t knock the bandwidth way down. You can have broad coverage and low bandwidth (many sharers) or you can have small coverage and high bandwidth (few simultaneous users) To get to a high bandwidth situation you’d have a bigger pipe feeding the many nodes. Today and for the visible future that is fiber.

    Longer answer:

    In the comments there I lay out the more or less mathematical model that supports my position. Tim Supple (the second of Neal’s two cohorts) said he’d look into it. I haven’t heard back.

  3. My guess is that Neal isn’t under the impression that I’m sucking up to him.

    You might want to ask him since you claim to be an old friend.

    What I have grown weary of is people popping off under the cover anonymity. It’s easy for me since 99.9 percent of the anonymous jerks are anti-fiber. But I don’t care for the .1 percent either.

  4. you and your friends suck up to each other all of the time! i used to witness this at the lafayette chamber meetings i was forced to attend by my company. none of you know anything but small talk. i guess it is something you learned at the county club when you would go with your mommie.

  5. Pitiful, just pitiful.

    One last effort at making sense to someone who apparently doesn’t know or care that he is making a fool of himself. (After all he hides behind the skirts of annonymity.)

    I’ve never been to a Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Meeting.

    I’ve never belonged to a country club.

    I’m lousy at small talk. Hence this blog.

    People who pop off randomly like this look like children trying to score points on adults. You need to know something about a person to adequately insult them. Picking insults at random is something most people quit doing when they get into middle school.

    (Take a lesson: the above is a deliberate insult based on your demonstrated ignorance and petulant behavior. That’s the way it’s done.)