Much ado about little

First off let me apologize, twice:
1) Sorry for not being more consistent in my posting. It’s been a busy but good week for fiber.
2) Sorry for kicking up such a ruckus about the Town Hall Meeting.

The no-show at the Town Hall meeting has to be an embarrassment for the naysaying crowd that tried to drum up a showing at the Clifton Chenier Center. No fiber411 fellows showed up, at least none that identified themselves as such. (Anonymity is the trademark mode of operation of all but the public three. Who else is involved? Who really knows. Three others? Six?) There was one guy who is well known as one of the regular anti-everything crowd familiar to anyone who has attended a city council meeting. He got up to ask a question that had already been answered, roll his eyes, look archly at the crowd while addressing a question to Terry on the stage and insinuate– but I think folks are pretty much plain fed up with that. Real questions are great, even hostile ones, but grandstanding is getting more and more irritating as people become more aware of how repetitious the naysayers’ questions are and how little they seem to listen to the answers of the “questions” they ask.

There were two fellas outside about a city block away from the entrance to the auditorium who boasted some of the fiber 411 signs. They hung around on the other side of Willow from the entrance to the Clifton Chenier Center grounds. (You couldn’t see them or the street from the the entrance to the auditorium.) They illegally planted signs in the median and the right of way and stood around waving others. They gave their names as Robert Jervey and Ronnie Wald and, according to an LPB report, said they were new residents of Lafayette. Jervey also at first claimed to be intending to vote “No” and when questioned as to whether he was a registered voter, first said he was. But when the question was reiterated he must have realized that the voter rolls are open for examination–he crawfished a bit and responded that “oh, oh no”…he wasn’t registered. What can you say about such a display?

An associate of a certain area senator was spotted lurking about but a recent visitor to the senator says with assurance that the senator says this guy was freelancing and didn’t in any way represent him in this. What we heard was that the two protesters were actually from out of town and were paid for their services. Now who would pay for that?