”Slick Sam Slade’ satire of debate’

The Advocate ran a nice color piece on the winner of Fiber Film Festival this morning. It is a good, upbeat story. The summary material is pretty succinct:

In his film, Snyder, 30, portrays a slick salesman who is trying to convince customers to buy a more expensive, slower tandem bicycle — playing the part of current cable and DSL technology — instead of a cheaper, faster Chrysler Prowler — playing the part of a fiber optic-based system — because they are “functionally equivalent.”

“The primary motive was to show, with satire, the difference between the fiber-to-the-home (LUS) plan and the fiber-to-the-curb (BellSouth) plan,” Domingue explained.

The most intriguing part of the story was:

“The funny stuff got cut because of time constraints, but the fun part about making it was trying to really make something that is obviously inferior appear to be the best option. We were saying all kinds of stuff. I think I went on a tangent about it being slow and saying,” Snyder said as he morphed into Slade, “‘What’s wrong wit slow? Pet turtles are slow. My grandmutha’s slow. What, you don’t like my grandmutha? What’s wrong wit you?”

The funny stuffy got cut! Hey, you could have fooled me. Now I want to see : “Slick Sam Slade, the director’s cut.”

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