Bipartisanship Louisiana Style: Vote Yes!

The following joint letter was released to the press today. You’ve gotta know something is right with a plan that generates this kind of support from both of our parties. Here is the cover letter announcing the joint press statement and the statement itself.

(If I may be allowed a wry smile…the astute reader will notice that this joint statement did not actually have to involve the two party chairs sharing the same room as well as the same position on this important issue. One step at a time….and this is a good one.)


Greetings All,

In a historic venture, the Lafayette Parish Democrat and Republican
Executive Committees issue a Joint Press Statement and are available
for comment.

Perhaps THIS is just the first of things that we can work together on
to improve our community. With all the divisiveness in National Politics
it is a Great Sign, (and an even better story) to see these two groups
rolling up there sleeves and working together. We have found that we have many
more things in common than we do that differentiate us.

Attached you will find BOTH the Joint statement and the postcard that
was mailed out as well as the contact information for the Chair’s of each

Much thanks,

Don Bertrand
Lafayette Parish Republican Executive Committe – At Large

Joint Letter of Support and Request
for City Residents to Vote YES

To: Lafayette Voters
From: The Lafayette Parish Republican Executive Committee
The Lafayette Parish Democratic Executive Committee

Dear Lafayette Residents,

We all have a unique opportunity together, to make a decision for our city
and ultimately our region by voting in favor on the LUS Fiber To The Home
& Business Initiative in the upcoming Bond Election.

While our committees came to our conclusions differently – BOTH parties
agree that this opportunity is good for Lafayette. This decision is
landmark and we have the ability to set our community apart and
distinguish ourselves for many years to come as a leader in technology
innovation and implementation.

Because Fiber To the Home & Business is truly a “tide that will lift all
boats”, create competition, lower costs, and improve Lafayette’s
technological infrastructure, we ask that you make a concerted effort to
get out and vote “YES”, whether you are voting absentee, from Tuesday,
July 5th – Saturday, July 9th, or at the polls on Saturday, July 16th.

The Republican Party Resolution & Endorsement may be located and
viewed at:,
and the Democratic Party Position Paper & Endorsement may be found
at: .


Denice Skinner – Chairman, Lafayette Parish Republican Party
Frank Flynn – Chairman, Lafayette Parish Democratic Party

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