A Thanks to Our Readers

Thanks readers for your patience. During the run up to the last days of the campaign our work here was spotty at best. But even on days when we posted very little or very late you stayed with us. During the last 2 weeks our “uniques” — the number of different visitors — nearly doubled to just short of 500 a day. That loyalty is appreciated. Thanks, as well, for helping spread the message. Almost daily we get feedback that demonstrates that the readership here has had a critical effect on how the debate shaped up. Without that informed and active body of advocates continually seeding the larger community with solid information and an appropriate wariness of the self-interested claims of the incumbents, the battle Lafayette just won would have been very different.

This site will continue to be around, of course–the story is hardly done and we’ll be eager to watch the project grow and try to bring us all into the conversation about what’s next. The hard work of protecting the gains made here from federal or state intervention needs to be done. And making sure that the implementation of the network keeps the promises we all made to the community during the fight is necessary work as well.

We’re going to put together a “misinformation project” for the more stable, long neglected purely informational side of the site. During the campaign the need for fast reaction led to an emphasis on the blog. We hope to get back to longer-lasting work that has been neglected.

We are also considering a “vignettes project” consisting of photos or very short vignette-like stories (at most a few paragraphs) of events during the campaign. The idea is to put together a mosaic of bits that, taken as a whole, would allow a reader to gain some sense of what it meant to engage in the fight here in Lafayette. If you like the idea let us know… it would only work if a lot of folks decided to contribute.

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