Two Stories in One: Fiber May Attract Business!

Today’s Advocate carries two very interesting stories under a single headline, “City’s business appeal grows.” The headline signals the first—a claim by Mayor Durel that a company is seriously considering Lafayette as a location:

He said he met recently with a site selection group for the company, and from that meeting learned that the potential new company is looking to employ about 1,000 people, with most making $10 to $12 an hour, and that the LUS fiber-optic plan could be a difference-maker.

Apparently the decision has come down to Lafayette and one other locale. It sounds great.

The information on this possibility is very thin with the Mayor even claiming that he doesn’t know the name of the company after meeting with the site committee. I’d at least like to have some idea of what industry the company is in and what use it would have for advanced communications. But, in any case, it’s great news for Lafayette. We await with baited breath.