Dr. Who on a Mobile Phone Near You?

Dr. Who on a Mobile Phone Near You? Not unless you live in Britian.

But the BBC which has been consisitently ahead of the curve in adapting to the realities of the new net-based media has just announced that it plans to launch “MyBBCPlayer” (a name that sounds all too American) next year. MyBBCPlayer would allow for simulcasts of the BBC content (watch it on your computer instead of TV) and here’s the nifty part: 7 days of past content. My….

This will be available only in Britian as far as I can tell. But what it demonstrates is that the technology, at least on the backside, is there. The problem in Britian, as in the US, will be getting enough bandwidth at a reasonable enough price to make the service really useful. Even Dr. Who might get a little boring on the small mobile phone screen–and almost as trying on those 2 inch by 2 inch sceens most net video is limited to currently.