LUS Needs Your Help at the PSC

A simple call: Lafayette and LUS asks for your support. Word filters back from the Public Service Commission that some commissioners are crawfishing on their declared support for LUS. BellSouth and Cox have been up in Baton Rouge lobbying hard for further restrictions on Lafayette’s freedom to build the utility system we voted for overwhelmingly on July 16th.

We need to get as many people as possible to the PSC meeting tomorrow as possible. Please come.

It would also be appropriate to get in touch with as many PSC commissioners via email, fax or preferably phone as you can. Or to leave messages with the commission. And to call those who you feel might have influence with the commission staff or commissioners. (

It should be noted that the people of Lafayette approved this by an overwhelming 24 points, 62 to 38 percent, that the PSC exists to protect the public consumer, NOT private out-of-state corporations, and that LUS and the city have been the honest players in this game, making and sticking by compromises that the corporations have consistently tried to alter to their advantage. Finally in this time of tragedy and recovery we most definitely do not need the PSC coming in and restricting our freedom and flexibility to provide the most advanced services at the best possible price to our old and new citizens. BellSouth and Cox demonstrate their continued and appalling self-interest in this time of tragedy by continuing to lobby for their private advantage. It’s time for all this to end. We need to show up to demonstrate the depth of public support for Lafayette.

No “Private” Service Commission Rally
When: Wednesday September 14th, 8:00 AM
Where: Galvez Building, Natchez Room, 602 North Fifth, Baton Rouge

(Bring your fiber buttons and any other signs of support)

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