Cox asks PSC to reconsider fiber rules

In further attempts to avoid head to head comptetition Cox has decided to try and get a “playover” from the PSC as a short story that ran Sunday in the Advertiser makes clear…the issue comes before the PSC tomorrow. From the story:

The Public Service Commission on Wednesday will reconsider rules and cost allocation guidelines approved in September that will determine to some extent the rates Lafayette Utilities System will charge its customers for Internet, cable TV and telephone services it will provide via fiber optics.

In a motion for reconsideration filed Thursday, Cox Communications asked the commission to reconsider two issues decided Sept. 14. The first involves rules governing the pledge of resources from other LUS divisions to repay bonds for the telecommunications division. The second involves in lieu of tax payments.

Just for the record:

I confess a continuing irritation that stories about the current incumbent delaying tactics is the continuing implication that the first BellSouth/Cox lawsuit lead directly to the July fiber referendum. That’s simply not the case in any simple way and smoothing over the reality with easy-to-write sentences to that effect misleads the public about the real history. The city chose to go to referendum precisely to avoid playing into the delaying tactics that the incumbents continue to use. The city did not follow the path laid out by the suit and used a different method to call a vote than the one that would have been followed had the court ruling been challenged and upheld. The city’s position has always been that they went to referendum not because they had been found against in court but because appeal would have added months and possibly years of delay to the process. Their claim was that the delay was the primary purpose of the incumbent’s legal tactics; a point which seem to be confirmed by each succeeding legal and regulatory challenge. There’s gotta be a way to write these stories that doesn’t write the incumbents self-serving definition of the sequence into each recounting of the tale.