PSC denies BellSouth, Cox requests to reconsider rules on LUS fiber

The Advertiser carries a short (very short) breaking news bit on the PSC’s denying BellSouth and Cox’s request for a reconsideration of rules that apply to LUS today.

It was pretty clear in the last round that the PSC thought it had achieved as workable a compromise as was possible given the limits of its authority. (Two old posts are available if you want to review. 1) My first person account, and 2) an overview of the print media stories.) So the question a reasonable person would ask is why BellSouth and Cox would go back and court the ire of a body that has clearly made its decision and which BellSouth at least has every reason not to irritate.

LUS’ Terry Huval, as usual is on top of it:

The request for a rehearing was a necessary step for the companies to file lawsuits over the PSC rules, said LUS Director Terry Huval.

As has been remarked before: If you can’t win at the polls you can always sue ’em…These guys don’t have an ounce of pride.