Hmmnn…Judge Rules Against BellSouth???

Looks like one reporter had drawn their own conclusions about where the judge was headed in the LUS bond suit before BellSouth demanded that the decision be put in writting. And engaged in a little premature posting on KLFY that had to be pulled.

When I went looking I turned up an interesting search result on KLFY.

The site has this stub of a story that you can pull up as a search item. It doesn’t link to anytyhing…anymore.

2. Judge Rules Against BellSouth’s Effort to Block Fiber Plan
The Durel administration has cleared another legal hurdle in its efforts to enter the phone, cable and high-speed internet business. State District Judge Durwood Conque ruled against BellSouth Thursday and its efforts to block LUS from moving forward with the fiber-to-home project. Judge Conque…
Last Modified 11/4/2005 2:19:37 AM

Now I wonder, did it make it onto the news?