3 thoughts on “Enough is Enough Ad”

  1. This from the same man who essentially told the refugees that they were no longer welcome in Lafayette. I’ll be amazed if it has any effect on BS tactics. It’s essentially nothing but political grandstanding. I’m glad it was paid for with private dollars.

    David in Grand Coteau

  2. Mr. Hayes,

    You’ll have to inform me of just where and how Durel said any such thing. I may have been spending a lot of time at the Cajundome but I don’t remember any such remarks and I don’t recall any of the evacuees there mentioning it.

    There were things about Lafayette’s reaction that I didn’t care for, especially in the first days, but Durel wasn’t one of them.

    David, I admit to some disappointment. I was hoping that after a vote of the poeple that you could at least support that vote if not the idea. Instead you are joining BellSouth is simply ignoring that this is what the people want. Be aware that this isn’t merely “private” money…it is cash that was raised by Lafayette’s buisness community. Business folks don’t spend money on full page ads unless they “mean business.” This is indicative of Lafayette’s growing frustration.

    Is lawsuit and regulatory agression really the way you think BellSouth ought to deal with Lafayette’s decision?

  3. Johne,

    I’m re-reading my previous comment in a vain attempt to see how I might have indicated that I’m joining BS in any way. I thought it was simply my own observation that, IMHO, the full page ad will most likely have no substantial effect, and that I am glad that it was not paid for with dollars that came from my my utility bills or taxes.