“The Big Easy’s Wireless Boost” – Forbes.com

Forbes has a pretty informative story on Lafayette’s most likely ally in the battle to repeal the law that prevents municipalities from pursuing their citizens’ best interests in telecommunications. New Orleans is sounding pretty determined:

Meffert says the city hopes to overturn the legislation and maintain the network’s faster speed for the long run, despite the looming threat of legal action against the city.

‘After a hurricane, a tornado, a flood and being homeless for three months, getting a subpoena doesn’t scare me a lot,’ Meffert said. ‘It’s my job to rebuild this city and we need this network–any wrinkled feathers that come out of this can’t be my concern.’ “

Adversity brings out the best in some people. As we’ve all discovered, we’d be a lot better off if we were a bit more self-reliant. We just need BellSouth and Cox to get out of our way. This nonsense about “protecting us from ourselves” is a demeaning attempt to keep us from doing for ourselves what the incumbents won’t do for us. We don’t have to tolerate it.


Go New Orleans….we’re with you.