Phone Company Jobs May Not Last a Lifetime; LUS Not to Blame!

The New York Times carried a story on jobs at traditional telephone companies, starting with a profile of a father-son team working for our friends at BellSouth in North Georgia. The thrust of the story is that even jobs at phone companies aren’t guaranteed for a lifetime.

No word yet on whether Bill Oliver is threatening to retaliate against the fiber optic company (uh, BellSouth) that is costing those BellSouth workers their jobs.

This is important to keep in mind because as the LUS fiber system moves from the courts and into reality, no doubt Oliver will direct his minions to try to raise a big stink about the number of jobs that will be lost here as a result of that new system.

The truth is, BellSouth jobs here are in jeopardy now because of trends within the industry itself. As we know, that won’t stop Oliver from trying to spin it otherwise but we’ve come to know B.O. and his M.O.

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