“Pro-fiber group gets creative with song”

The Advertiser has a good story on the recent release of a series of satirically reworded Christmas carols by Lafayette Coming Together.

The story hits the highlights:

The group is circulating “fiber carols,” in which they wrote new lyrics to old holiday tunes, poking fun at BellSouth for its continued legal challenges to the proposed Lafayette Utilities System’s fiber-to-the-home project.

It points, as well, toward the ultimate goal of the new project: Repeal of the “Local Fair Competition Act.”

Despite the vote, BellSouth pushed the Public Service Commission for rules that limit LUS’ project and filed a lawsuit, which they lost, challenging the bond ordinance to pay for the project. An appeals court in Lake Charles is hearing BellSouth’s appeal next week.

A member of the Louisiana Broadband Advisory Council, Huval recently spearheaded an effort to ask the state Legislature to repeal the Local Government Fair Competition Act, which was ironed out between LUS, BellSouth and others to prevent municipalities from having an unfair advantage in telecom matters over private companies. The broadband council deferred action, Huval said.

Lafayette Coming Together is urging citizens on an “Action Page” to contact their state senators and representatives to ask for its repeal.

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