“Lafayette’s Christmas Carol Retort to BellSouth”

Broadband reports does one of its short pieces on the hubbub over the Christmas Carols recently released from the “North Pole” the story, titled: “Lafayette’s Christmas Carol Retort to BellSouth – Locals have fun with BellSouth & Cox lawsuits” gives links to the songs and chooses a favorite.

What’s always intriguing about the Broadband Reports shorts are the replies. This was no exception. Folks across the country clearly empathized with our plight here in Lafayette. After all, they have their own incumbents to deal with. But, for me at least, the most fun was in the brief discussion of which song was the favorite. A crowd pleaser there seemed to be Jingle Bells, with the lyrics:

‘Copper’s great, Copper’s great, Copper’s here to stay!
Fiber is to good for you, it’s Dial-Up all the way!’

For my part, I like Silver Bells with the refrain “We don’t, we don’t care” –the contrast between the sweetness of the delivery and the sentiments expressed really get me.

What’s your favorite?