“LUS Fans Take Seasonal Swipe at BellSouth”

The Advocate had a good story on Lafayette Coming Together’s satirical Christmas Carols from the North Pole Saturday. The Advocate occasionally misses posting one of the Acadiana Bureau’s articles to the web; an email usually brings it online. So far not this time–Christmas eve might have found the staff elsewhere when the request came in. Fear not inquisitive reader, with the help of a friend with a functioning scanner I’ve got a PDF file of the image for you to read.

The article gives some background on the organization’s genesis in the referendum fight and gives the reader a good sense of what the carols say and why LCT is pushing for repeal of the Local Government Fair Competition Act.

Lyrics from the article:

The election results were frightful
But our plan is so delightful
We’ll do what we always do,
We will Sue! We will Sue! We will Sue!

We have no intent of stopping
And the lies we tell are whopping
And congressmen we will woo,
We will Sue! We will Sue! We will Sue!

The carols, and Mike Stagg in the article, point out that earlier claims that BellSouth was willing to abide by compromises it made or merely wanted a vote were simply untrue:

“They demanded the vote; they got the vote; they lost the vote” Stagg said. “Bellsouth has proven consistently that they have operated in bad faith.”

Gobb Williams, of citizens for Common Sense, also got his licks in; he said, reported the paper that:

…the people of Lafayette spoke when they voted and their voices should be heard.

“The citizens of this community were trying to do this in a democratic way he said..”

An interesting story, told with spirit. It seems odd that one of the articles in the paper most likely to be interesting to local users of the internet didn’t make it online.

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