Christmas Carol Spinoff…

Bunnie Riedel, in her widely-read blog, notices and is inspired by Lafayette’s Christmas Carols. She posts her own remake of a traditional favorite. I repeat the last three stanzas.

(To the tune of “Auld Lange Syne”)

The cable rates go up and up
And the service it gets worse.
The Bells say that they’ll do better
If we remove the franchising curse.

But who will protect consumers
And the precious right of way?
The Bells say they’ll police themselves
And in Hell there’ll be a long cold day.

So as the New Year comes again
Get ready for the fight.
They got the grease, the money too
But it’s us who’s in the right.

Fun!! And while you are there take a look at the rest of her postings. The voice is pretty unique and very much to my taste, anyway.

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